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My work focuses on a fleeting and elusive dance of forms, often portraying the fusion of our humanity with technology, or with nature and the elements.


Through nearly 20 years of experience in digital painting, concept design and matte painting,  I've developed a personal style that uses a variety of techniques: compositing, photography, 3d and now the incorporation of AI. The unique combination of tools that now exist finally have enabled me to express my ideas to their full extent.

While I've worked with many established brands and studios and am proud of the work I've done so far in my career, I've chosen not to mention any of my client work in this space, and focus on my own voice. I've chosen the handle deArtifact because it refers to cleaning up a signal, to repairing and restoring something to its initial clarity and purity.

I began begin minting work in early 2021, almost exclusively on the clean Tezos blockchain until the Ethereum merge in the fall of 2022, when I began minting on Superrare and Foundation. In this span of time, over 700 collectors have acquired my work. My work has been featured in exhibits in New York and Los Angeles, and selected by some of the space's best known galleries such as SuperChiefNFT and AccelerateArt.

My latest piece, "Death of the Former Self" (right), is currently part of SatyrusNFT's upcoming June 1st exhibit, and will be screened at the Villa Borghese in front of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.



Former Self - vertical - fixed - 2k.jpg
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